Best Online Roulette Sites In The UK

As we all know, the interest for online gambling has increased over the years. If you’re new to casino games, the online roulette is definitely the first place to start. In the past, players needed to go to a casino establishment before playing but all that has changed now. From the comfort of your couch, all the various types of online roulette are only a click away. This write up contains, among other things, a list of UK’s best online roulette sites for your reading pleasure. We compiled them with the following features in mind: excellent visuals, bonus offers, mobile support, reputation and lots more. To play roulette online has never been this easy, just pick one from our list and have fun.

Steps to Play Online Roulette For Real Money

Compare roulette casinos

You cannot enjoy online roulette if you have zero idea where to play it and that’s exactly why we have compiled a list for you. Go through it to find a reliable UK roulette casino that works for you.


Online roulette has certain requirements and one of them is that you must have an account with the site before playing. Though the information to be provided varies between sites, the most common are your contact and identity verification details.

Deposit cash

After your registration is complete, you’ll need to fund your account to play roulette online. There are various payment options you can use to put money into your accounts such as Skrill, PayPal, credit and debit card and Paysafecard. You may also qualify for a bonus as a new user, so don’t forget to claim it if there’s one. The bonus is usually deposited into your account after your first successful account funding.

Select your game

Now you should be in the mood for making some cool cash, so what’s next? Look through the roulette tables displayed on the online roulette site to find the game you like. Different roulette games are displayed on the list, from European to American roulette, high stakes or low stakes roulette.


The moment your deposit reflects in your account, which is usually immediately, you may begin your online roulette adventure. Table your chips and then activate the wheel to know what fate holds in store for you. If you win, it will be paid into your account, then you may do whatever you please with it, either to play again, play other casino games or withdraw it.

Our Standards For Online Casino Reviews

Our job at Bonus Boogie is to research and unveil to our users the best online casinos in the UK. Our review team have certain criteria that must be satisfied before the casino is deemed worthy of exposure to our users. Below are the criteria:

Different Bonus offers

We size up the conditions attached to welcome bonuses, VIP programs, free spins and offers to know if they are worth it.

Games library

The better the game, the more appealing the site becomes. We keep an eye out for live games, table games and a host of other slots from top software providers.

Design and layout

A site with a brilliant design and user-friendly navigation and interface will always win our approval.

Device support

We make sure that all devices are supported on the website, from mobiles to tablets and desktop computers.


We assess the financial features of the site such as the supported currencies, methods of deposit and withdrawal, restrictions and lots more.


We consider the casino’s relationship with its customers, its popularity, user’s feedback and reputation.

Everything A Beginner Needs To Know About Online Roulette

After the invention of roulette in the late 1600s, its popularity spread like wildfire. Blaise Pascal’s work on probabilities is credited as the foundation of the game. Though there are strategies that have been developed which claim to bring guaranteed success to players, every beginner must know the fact that the game of roulette is nothing but a game of chance. Here are vital things you must know to at least have a fighting chance in the game of roulette.

Principles of Roulette

If you know how to observe simple etiquette, then you’ll find roulette to be pretty straightforward. The rule demands that the outcome of every spin should be determined before the wheels turn. This could either be by choosing a particular number or colour. When the spinning wheel stops, successful predictions will receive payments and another round will commence.

Different Roulette variations

This is common among the majority of online casino games. The most popular variations of the roulette game are listed below:

  • French roulette: Though this has a slightly different layout, its overall appearance is like that of its European counterpart. Another way this game is unique is in its betting options, featuring the La Partage rule that lets players go home with something instead of a total loss when an even-money bet was placed by them and the ball landed instead on zero.
  • American roulette: This bears resemblance to the European game type but with an addition of two extra pockets making it to have 38 pockets.
  • European roulette: This is the most popular among the various type of games. Its wheel has a total of 37 pockets which are numbered 0 to 36. The pockets also have three colours, red, black or green.
  • Multi-wheel roulette: This is for those who desire a faster cash flow from roulette. You can have up to eight wheels spinning for you at a go in some games. The rate of winnings is same as that of losing in this type of roulette game. So, it’s up to you to choose the number of wheels to spin during a particular session.
  • Mini roulette: This game variation is not a favourite when compared to others, yet it still makes the selection list on certain top online roulette sites. This game’s wheel only has 13 pockets, which simplifies things a whole lot.

Online Roulette Bets and odds

There are two categories every bet must belong to on a roulette table, namely: inside and outside bets. The bet category is determined by the position where your chips are placed on the table. We shall be considering the different roulette bet types next.

Inside bets

Five– This works only on American roulette because it requires the double zero to function. You’re betting that the ball will either fall on 0, 00, 1, 2 or 3.

Straight up– Chips are placed on a single number.

Street– Your bet is shared by three numbers and your chips have to be placed on the border encompassing the numbers.

Split– Two numbers are bet upon here and the chip is required to be placed in between the two numbers, right on the line.

Corner– Here your bet says the ball will rest on one of four numbers, therefore the roulette chips are placed on the corner that connects all the numbers.

Line– This requires splitting your bet between six numbers. To place your chips, locate the outside border of the numbers and put it there.

Outside bets

Red/Black– This bet works with colours and money is put on a chosen colour on which the ball is predicted to fall on. Note: All numbers have either black or red colours, except zeros.

Odd/Even– Here you bet that an odd or even-numbered pocket will be the landing spot for the ball. Your chips should be placed in the corresponding box. The 0 and 00 don’t count in this bet type.

Dozen– You’re betting on the ball falling on a particular number in one of the wheel’s sequences of dozen.

Column– This involves the division of numbers on the roulette felt into columns where you’ll bet that the ball will be resting on a particular number in this column. You may place your chips on either the 1st, 2nd or 3rd -row box.

Low/High– This bet says the ball will land in either pockets 1 to 18 or 19-36.

Play Live Dealer Roulette Today

There are levels of excitement even in the game of online roulette. To experience something different, you should try the live dealer roulette. It is readily available on lots of UK’s best roulette sites. The game is streamed from a casino and you get to interact with a croupier via a live chat. This will surely give you that casino vibe right in the comfort of your home.

However, the live dealer games have minimum bet limits which means that they are only for real money players and apply to people with a certain budget.

Enjoy Roulette On Your Mobile Device 

To play roulette in this time and age is not so complicated anymore as you can entertain yourself even on the go, thanks to mobile-friendly roulette games. The mobile games aren’t inferior to their desktop computer counterpart, on the contrary, you’ll be amazed at the quality of their graphics. All you’ll ever need to play roulette on mobile devices is a stable internet connection.

Trusted Roulette Software Developers

We have compiled the names of trusted casino roulette software developers. Here they are:


This software provider is mainly known for mobile roulette games. Though it’s lacking in the aspect of a sizable roulette games collection, it compensates with high-quality roulette games on mobile devices, the same as can be obtained on a desktop computer.


If live dealer roulette is your game of choice, then look no further than Playtech. Whatever be your taste, be it premium, branded or classic roulette games, Playtech has it all. There is also an option to play roulette in the 3D format.


Here you will enjoy European, multiplayer or American roulette in a classic way. Microgaming is your go-to for a stress-free game of online roulette.

Play Roulette For Free

Not all roulette games have real money requirements, one can still find a place to play roulette at zero cost. This is possible via demo versions provided by roulette sites which gives you the opportunity to get familiar with the game before staking your money or even if you don’t wish to put your money down, you can just have fun for free.

Online Roulette Bonus

Bonuses are common with many online roulette casinos. Below are some of the rewards they offer.

Wagering requirements

It is absolutely necessary to know what you’re getting involved with before laying claim to a welcome bonus. Do well to study the terms and conditions, game restrictions or time limits. This will tell you whether the seemingly big bonuses are worth the trouble or not.

No deposit roulette bonus

This bonus is a win-win for players in the sense that you won’t lose any money if you are playing online roulette with a no deposit bonus and at the same time, any winnings accrued by you is yours to keep.


Matched deposit roulette bonus

This bonus is a way of welcoming new users to the site and it become activated the moment the user makes his/her first deposit. The new user gets to enjoy an added amount to whatever they deposited based on the percentage offered by the online roulette casino.

Try Out Different Roulette Strategies

What most people believe to be winning strategies in casino games and in this case, roulette, are all shams. There’s no strategy anywhere that will help you win at roulette because it’s a game of chance. What actually exists are betting strategies that will come in handy for bankroll management, they include: negative progression and positive progression betting. Here are some of the top-ranking strategies:


This tops the list of the positive progression betting system and it relies on players doubling their bets after every win. For this strategy, the even-money bets (low/high, red/black, odd/even) are highly recommended and players are advised to go back to their starting bet whenever they experience a loss.


This is a popular negative progression system that is anchored on even-money bets and the doubling of bets after each loss by players. According to this strategy, the number of rounds you lose doesn’t matter as long as you eventually have a win, which is expected to recover all your losses.