Online Casino Banking Methods In The UK

Except you are playing using a “no deposit bonus,” you will be required to play with any money you make and can risk, and you will get the opportunity to earn more money in return. We have chosen the best online casinos in the United Kingdom which provide a wide array of modes of payment which include electronic-wallets such as Skrill and PayPal. You will have the ability to choose a website to gamble, deposit some money, then begin to play in just some minutes after deposit.

What you need to know about Online Casinos Banking as a Beginner

There are several methods of banking that any player can use, depending on individual preferences. For a beginner trying out an online casino for the first time, it can be quite challenging to choose. And that’s why we are here to help you. Having knowledge of the payment option, which provides the best ease of use, safety, and speed will assist you in getting the best from playing casino.


As soon as you are through with registering on the website, there is one more step to take before diving into the vast world of online casino. That is depositing to your account. You will be prompted to choose the payment mode that you want, and there’s a huge list you can select from. Some casinos offer more payment options than others. But generally, there are limits on the quantity you’re able to deposit at once. The highest restriction is determined by each casino, but the lowest you can deposit typically ranges from  £5 to £10.


After winning on an online casino, you’re provided with an option to make withdrawals. At this stage, it is important that you choose a withdrawal method that is fast and reliable. There are some withdrawal options that take as long as one week before getting processed. The mode of payment you choose will determine when you will get your money, but it is typically between 2 to 10 days.

Look closely

It is important that you check out the detailed guide we made about online casino banking to have more understanding of the mode of payments that you can make use of now. As soon as you are through, you can easily choose a preferred method of your choice.

Mode of Payments

Residents of the UK are quite lucky to possess a wide array of payment options for almost all that we buy. From Paypal, Skrill, to debit and credit cards, we can choose between different payment options with the click of a button. What’s more?  Players can also use cryptos such as Ethereum and Bitcoin. There is an increasing popularity in the new mode of payments; it is best to be aware of the ones that can be used by you. Let’s get started!

Credit Cards And Debit Cards

Whether credit or debit, we have all made use of an online card for payments at some point, and the process is pretty much the same. In the casino you choose, navigate to the “cashier” page, input the details of your card, then choose how much you are willing to deposit in the account. It’s as simple as that!

The most preferred payment option nationally

Even though newer payment methods are gaining more ground, credit and debit cards are still the favourite payment option nationwide, no doubts. They can easily be used, there aren’t any 3rd-party sign up forms, and you can make use of your money immediately! Isn’t that awesome?


Credit card is undoubtedly a mode of payment in online casinos that can be used with utmost convenience. A lot of players love going with the payment method they trust and have knowledge of. And this mode of payment is used almost everywhere worldwide.

The moment you create an account, you will be given a credit or debit card from virtually all banks so you can make use of your money easily. Famous brands like MasterCard, Visa, Amex, Maestro, can be used in almost all online casinos if not all.

Cashing out

The moment you made up your mind to cash out the money you won, you will also have the ability to withdraw the money directly to the bank account attached. Payments take within three to ten business days, and this is dependent on the casino you choose. Even though few casinos allow you to withdraw your funds to the credit cards,  most casinos don’t.

Debit versus credit

Debit cards are quite different compared to credit cards. With credit cards, customers are provided with a line of credit that they can use to buy something, and they don’t need to pay for it instantly. With this, users have a form of flexibility. But ensure that you only gamble with the amount of money you’re willing to lose without issues.


Even though this method can be used easily, making use of credit or debit cards also have some faults. While most online casinos will give you the chance to deposit money without any fee, a number of them will charge a little % of the amount your deposit,  for making payments with your debit or credit cards.

Anytime you make a deposit, you’re required to input private info of the card like the number on the card. Now you’ll imagine the best casinos in the United Kingdom will always make use of industry-standard tech to make sure you pay securely. Notwithstanding, the breach of security can come from your end. That’s why we advise that players make use of firewalls and antivirus applications.


Electronic wallet is a payment option whose popularity is drastically increasing these days. There are tons of e-wallets available for use, one of which is Paypal. PayPal has become quite popular in recent times, and it’s an example of several electronic wallets that you can find in online casinos in the United Kingdom.

What’s an electronic wallet?

Electronic wallets are a form of online accounts that can be used in storing and transacting money with the use of a phone or a computer. Similar to a debit or credit card from your physical wallet, you can make use of electronic wallets to send and receive money securely. The common electronic wallets are PayPal, ecoPayz, Neteller, and Skrill.

Can be used easily

Initially, you will be required to find out if the casino you choose supports electronic wallets. This mode of payment can be used in almost all online casinos, but the electronic wallets they accept will differ from website to website.

As soon as you have selected the electronic wallet you prefer, it is straightforward to deposit! Everything you are required to do is to navigate to the “cashier” page; then you’ll be required to login with your email and password, then make payment using one electronic wallet you want. You will be able to use the money you deposit immediately!

Immediate, Secure, and Safe

When it comes to online casinos, the need for a safe and secure payment platform cannot be overemphasised.

When you make use of electronic wallets, you minimize the risk of theft and loss. This method gives any player the chance to store credit cards, bank accounts and other modes of payments  guided with highly safe password protection and encryption tech.

Anytime a payment is made by you, your credit or debit card information won’t be received by the casino, they’ll just make use of randomly generated transaction numbers. This reduces the risk of anyone stealing your info.

Cashing out

If you’re lucky to win, you will have the ability to withdraw the money you earned back to the electronic wallet attached. From there, you can buy some things from merchants who accept the electronic wallet you use, or you can simply withdraw the money to your bank account. When it comes to processing payouts of electronic wallets, it is always efficient, and this will make it have several advantages like swift withdrawals.


While electronic wallet companies always make the process of creating an account easy, it can be quite a strenuous task to link your credit or debit card, or bank account to the e-wallet account. The verification process typically takes some working days.

Prepaid Cards

What’s a Prepaid Card?

As you can denote from its name, Prepaid card is a card which gives you the chance to make use of the money you’ve loaded on it in advance. This is quite different from a debit card, as they aren’t connected to a bank account. A few of the prepaid cards that are popularly known are Skrill, Neteller, and Paysafecard.

Being anonymous

The fact that you aren’t required to connect these prepaid cards to any bank account is an assurance of adequate safety of your private info. You don’t need to disclose any of your info to the casino, so you’re not at risk of your info leaking to scammers.

Choose limits

Anytime you deposit from a credit card or other option that’s connected to your bank account, you’ll have the ability to deposit up to the limit of the casino. This is normally a quantity that is a little bit large. Definitely, almost all casinos give players the chance to choose limits, but this can be done by prepaid card for you.

If you’d like to deposit only thirty pounds, then you just need to load the prepaid card with thirty pounds. As soon as you’ve made the deposit, you will have no money left in your balance. This is beneficial when it has to do with your gambling in a responsible manner.


When you want to make deposits with the use of a prepaid card, there are mostly fees involved. It can be a little bit tiring for a number of players, but other players will like the fact that they will always stay anonymous.

BTC (Bitcoin)

What’s BTC?

With the constant evolution in the online casino world, there’s also an evolution in the mode of payment they support. BTC is a type of cryptocurrency which has gained ground in the past couple of years. Online gambling websites are one of the initial sites that integrated cryptocurrency as a mode of payment.

We have several Bitcoin wallets that are user-friendly and can be used by players which gives them the chance to buy and keep bitcoin and also other forms of crypto. You can deposit Bitcoin by just visiting the “cashier” tab of your online casino account, then choose Bitcoin as the payment option you want.

Although this method isn’t approved yet in many online casinos, if you find one that accepts, you will enjoy some attached advantage from its several benefits.

Being anonymous

Similar to electronic wallets, players who pay using Bitcoin enjoy anonymity. There isn’t the need of you sharing private details, so there isn’t any risk of this info leaking.

No third party

With Bitcoin, there’s no third party involved. Every transaction happens only between the operator of the casino and the player. With this, you’ll be saved some money, because there’s no involvement of transactional fees which you can find in options such as credit card. Depositing and withdrawing Bitcoin is also an immediate process, without any moment to wait for a bank to process your payment.

Cashing out

It is effortless to withdraw with the use of Bitcoin. Everything you are required to do is just go to the “cashier” of the online casino, then withdraw the money back to your crypto wallet. After that, you can make use of the money you won at merchants who accept cryptocurrency or make use of BTC exchange for converting the money into the currency you want.


It is quite unfortunate that Bitcoin isn’t accepted by all casinos. This will likely be a problem for someone that wants to make use of one mode of payment in several different online casinos.

You should also know that Bitcoin value changes continuously, and can be a little bit volatile. Even though several professionals say that the value will skyrocket, there isn’t still any guarantee that its value will still be the same as time goes on.

Get Started Immediately!

As you have gained knowledge about the wide array of payment options that you have, you will wish to select the casino that’s right for you. You can check out our list of top online casinos in the United Kingdom, and they all provide a wide array of payment options – all you need to do now is just pay & play. Success!