Everything To Know About Gambling Licences In The UK

Genuine security is essential when gambling at a casino. You need to make sure your funds and data are protected in every way possible. Many players have fallen prey to selfish interests of barons, lost a lot of funds, and suffered a heart attack because they played at unsafe casinos. This is why you must only play in a secured casino, where your data is safe, and your interests are fully protected.

How can you tell if one is safe for you? The easiest way to identify a reliable casino is registration. A secured casino is registered and licensed. At Bonusboogie, we understand that it might be pretty hard for players, mostly beginners, to identify licensed online casinos. To solve this issue, we have compiled a list of the most reliable casinos with a gambling commission license for you. It means you can put your feet up and go through our list of the top casinos in the world, with the assurance that anyone you pick here is absolutely safe.

Guide To Gambling License For Starters

Gambling is seen in different lights across the world. Some countries think it’s a great idea to permit gambling, and many others would hear nothing of it. Gambling is usually illegal in developing countries across Asia and Africa. As well as highly religious countries across Asia and South America in most cases. Many countries outside these continents also ban gambling, for a reason or another. However, in gambling-friendly countries such as the UK, gambling is considered legal. For the most part, it is considered a part of the economy and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission. An online gambling license is issued to online casinos; on-land casinos also get gambling licenses. How much can a gambling license do for you? We will explain this in the next lines.

Benefits Of Gambling At a Licensed Casino?

A Gambling license is issued to a casino that provides enough proof that it is reliable to the Gambling Commission or the Governing Body. Such a casino must prove that it will stand for the interest of all gamblers at all times. It is willing to support fair play in the game, and it is committed to providing security to all players. Only then, will a gambling license be issued. Written below are some benefits of playing at a licensed casino.

Breach Prevention In Financial Security

Before anything else, the gambling commission verifies that a would-be-licensed casino can guarantee your financial security. Your deposits would be appropriately recorded, and such casinos could verify them. Also, your financial details are not open to unauthorized persons, and they cannot be hacked as the casino has a standard data encrypting method. That can keep you rest assured that you are entirely protected, irrespective of how much you expose your financial information while making deposits, both at online and on-land casinos.


The Legality Of Customers


The UK Gambling Commission also mandates that every casino with a gambling license must verify the identity of its clients. You may need to provide an ID that tells them who you are, what you do, and so on. Doing this is one way they can avoid dubious personality, and money laundering Each licensed casino is also mandated to monitor each account activity, with the intention of tracking irregularities, if they ever occur in the account. That is a plus for you too.


Player Protection


One of the most valuable features of a casino with a gambling license is player protection. The Gambling Commission puts a lot of rules in place to make sure no player loses more than they can afford to lose. Self-exclusion, time-outs, deposits, and loss limits are some of the regulations a licensed casino offers. With all these in place, a licensed casino can monitor your account activity and see to it that you don’t lose beyond what you can bear. Underage people, addicts, and problem gamblers are also kept under control by these policies.


Fairness Among Players


Unlike illegal platforms where no one’s rights are guaranteed, licensed casinos must ensure that every player gets equal treatment. An independent alternative dispute resolution (ADR) is usually set up when there is a rift between players.  Through every means possible, the UK Gambling Commission makes sure that anyone who wins gets what they earn, as long as they play in a licensed casino.




Adverts that can spur a sense of urgency in you can never happen in a licensed casino. Have you noticed the phrase ‘when the fun stops, stop’ when you read gambling adverts in the UK? It is one of the ways the Gambling Commission thwart casinos from manipulating problem gamblers, underage, and addicts by their adverts. If you play in a licensed casino, you would never find an Ad that would trigger an urgency or financial motivation in you and tempt you to keep gambling. All adverts are also made in conformity to the Advertising Standards Agency.

How Can You Tell That a Casino Is Licensed?

Many people don’t pay attention to this because they don’t think it matters if their casino is licensed or not. However, such a lackadaisical attitude can be quite harmful. Much more than you think, it is easy to find out if a casino is licensed or not. If a casino is licensed, the logos of the gambling authorities are always displayed in the footer of their web pages. However,  be sure you are familiar with the diverse gambling commission or bodies available. Right in the footer, locate the license register of the UK Gambling Commission. It would provide details of the form of gambling the casino is licensed to offer. The license number of the operator is indicated here too. You can also lookup that license number on the website of the Gambling Commission.

What Are The Risks Of Unlicensed Casinos?

Have you imagined how dangerous it could be to play games in an unlicensed casino? As a beginner, you would be tossed about by every dick and harry around. They would likely rig games against you, and everyone would try to rip you of your funds. Even when you win, there is no one to guarantee that you would get your wins, or you would escape the aggression of an embittered opponent. As you may guess, it can get messy with an opponent, and there is no ADR to sort things out for you.

That is not all; there are hardly measures to help you control your gambling. Instead, you would find adverts encouraging you to keep trying; you might win. You would find hard gamblers and financial criminals daring you to stake your life savings. Pretty dangerous, you would agree. There are hardly security and safety measures, meaning anyone could hack into your financial data when you deposit at such casinos. Forcing the casino operators to spit out your funds is also out of the question, even when you win.

Gambling License Bodies

It is vital to your safety that you recognize the gambling licensing authorities around you. That way, you can tell whether a casino has a gambling license from a recognized gambling commission or the casino operators cooked up a commission’s name and presented it to unsuspecting gamblers. Check out the most prominent Gambling Commission in the UK in the next few lines.

Malta Gaming Authority


Established in 2001, the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) is one of the foremost Gambling Commission in the United Kingdom. It generates as much as 12% of the nation’s GDP at present, and it teams up with top gambling charities in the country. In fact, it played a crucial role in the establishment of the ‘European Gaming Institute of Malta’ where people and firms are trained on gambling, ‘Responsible Gambling Foundation,’ which is a charity organization, among others. As you would expect, MGA is stern on ensuring that fair play, security, and safety are provided in all gambling licensed casinos.


UK Gambling Commission (UKGC)


UKGC is the most popular Gambling Commission in the UK. It was established in 2005 when the country realized that online gambling needs to be regulated. Getting a UKGC license is mandatory for every casino, lottery, gaming software developer, or sportsbook that offers online betting services in the UK. As a vanguard regulator, UKGC issues gambling licenses to the top gambling firms in the country, and the firm keeps an eye on the activity of all licensed casinos all year round. It works with various charities to encourage responsible gambling, as well as a crime-free gambling system in the country. It ensures that a licensed casino has all the necessary features like technical standards, complaints, and dispute-resolution et cetera. Gambling license from UKGC is a must-have for every gambling firm in the UK, while other gambling commission licenses are usually secondary.

Some Other Licensing Commissions

Just so you know, the two Gambling Commissions are the most prominent in the UK, and their gambling licenses are here and there. However, there are a few others you should not be surprised to find on gambling sites. The major ones are:

Alderney Gambling Control Commission (AGCC)


AGCC is a top online gambling commission. It provides a gambling license for some famous sites like Alderney, a branch of Channel Islands. AGCC is excellent at what it does, so you can count on any site with an AGCC license.


Gibraltar Gambling Commission (GCC)


Software developers and bingos are particularly fond of GCC. It promotes gambling with a much lower tax rate than most of the other gambling commissions. But the primary reason it was preferred to most others is that GCC license is valid across many countries, unlike UKGC, which is only operative in the UK. MGA licenses also span across different countries.


Isle of Man Gambling Control Supervision


This is one of the oldest gambling commissions in the UK. It is established as early as 1961, and it operates on the Online Gambling Regulation Act 2001. It registers most land-based gambling sites, and like the others, it employs various methods to guarantee fairness, security, and social responsibility in all licensed casinos.


Avoid Risk When You Can

Don’t forget the facts. There are a lot of unlicensed casinos out on the internet. You are open to all sorts of risks by patronizing such casinos. You should take a few minutes to avoid risk when you can. Check out the gambling commission’s logos, the licensee numbers, and the type of gambling services the site is licensed to offer. Gambling is a risk, so it is no surprise you are in the habit of taking risks. You should remember however, there are a lot of risks already, avoid the ones you can, such as gambling on a site that has no gambling commission’s license.