Top Online Blackjack Sites in the UK

The blackjack game is all about being in control and if that’s your thing, then you’ve come to the right place. Online blackjack is not like other casino classics because you have to be skilled in it to make good money. But first things first, you’ll need a top blackjack site to have any chance at winning and this is where we come in. We’ve prepared an impressive list of high value casinos in the UK that offer blackjack games. Go through our endorsed online blackjack sites and you’ll be sure to find something worthwhile.

How We Review Online Casinos

Our major concern at is to satisfy our users. With this in mind, we go the extra mile to bring them only the best online casinos in the UK. We make it a point of duty to search out brand new casinos, as well as already existing ones. All the casinos we recommend go through a high level of scrutiny to ensure you find that which suits your needs. Below are the primary focus of our review team:

Bonus offers

We take a look at the VIP programmes, offers, welcome bonuses, and free spins to know if their requirements are worth the trouble.


We only go to top software providers to pick out live gaming, table games and a host of others.


Our recommended sites must have a captivating design and brand, with modern interfaces and easy navigation.

Device Support

We ensure that all devices are represented on the site from mobile to tablets to desktop computers.


Our users must have it easy when collecting their winnings, therefore a good deposit and withdrawal method is a must, as well as user-friendly restrictions, currencies, time and more.


We rate a bookie’s reputation based on customer feedback, popularity and trustworthiness.



Blackjack Principles

It is important that you know that blackjack isn’t entirely determined by chance unlike slots and roulette. If you have no experience, try to acquire some before you play blackjack. However, if you’re a beginner, we will help you know your way around blackjack game. Written below are a couple of things to know:

  • Blackjack is all about making sure you get to 21 or at least close to it. If you exceed 21, you lose. The value placed on cards 2 to 10 is in line with their numerical order. Cards like Kings, Queens and Jacks are worth 10, while Aces are worth either 1 or 11, based on your selection.
  • Every round starts the same way, with the dealer giving out two cards, both to the house and his/herself. Your cards are dealt facing down, same with the dealer save for one that will face up, the hole card.
  • There are two moves you can make, a hit or a stand. When you hit, you draw another card and when you stand, your hand remains as it is. You’re allowed to hit as many times as you please. In the event your initial two cards have the same value, you can do what is called a split, which is separating the two cards to become two hands, and continue your blackjack game with both. You can also choose to double down, which simply means to double your bet in order to draw another card. Take note that after getting the third card, you won’t be allowed to hit again.
  • Landing a 21 on your first two cards, your hand value surpassing that of the dealer as the round comes to an end or the dealer blowing his/her game. If the game comes to a ‘push’, meaning that both hands ended on 21, your stake will be returned.

The House Edge Of A Blackjack Game

The house edge of online blackjack is considered one of the lowest among casino games. For most variations, it is around 0.5% to 1% when you make use of basic strategy. The house edge can even be reduced further by the use of optimal blackjack strategy. However, knowing only when to hit and stand isn’t enough. Things like side bet wagers, splitting and doubling down can influence the payouts and odds of blackjack game, as can rules specific to the variation being played and the deck number in use.

Different Blackjack Variations

Whether you like to play it safe or you like being aggressive in your online blackjack bets, a lot of variations exist to that effect at blackjack sites. Bear in mind that these games differ from traditional blackjack in terms of rules and features to avoid incurring losses. The popular online blackjack variations are as follows:

  • Blackjack Surrender: When the hand dealt you doesn’t look like a winner, you can cut your losses by forfeiting your hand. This will return half of your wager to you instead of losing it all.
  • Blackjack Switch: This variation permits the dealing of two hands instead of one. You can decide to use the second cards dealt to form very strong hands.
  • Double Exposure Blackjack: Here the player has it a bit easy as the dealer’s cards face up when dealt. Casinos, however, capitalize on this to give lower payouts for this variation. Also, unless you hit a natural 21, the dealer usually wins on ties.
  • Perfect Pairs Blackjack: This is a side bet that gives you a win if your first two cards come as a pair. The pairing strength will determine the payout. The biggest win usually comes from a pair that has the same suit and rank.
  • 21+3 Blackjack: Here is another side bet that pays when the dealer’s hole card and your first two cards form a straight, straight flush, flush, suited three of a kind or three of a kind.
  • Pontoon: This variation is a bit tougher for the player as the dealer’s cards face downward. Its advantage is that it pays out 2:1 when you hit a natural blackjack or a ‘pontoon’ instead of the 3:2 that’s offered in standard games.
  • Single deck blackjack: Unlike other online blackjack games that increase the house edge by using six or eight decks, single deck uses only one. Here the house edge can fall to 0.10%, however, not all online casinos offer it.
  • Super Fun 21: This states that the player wins if he/she holds six or more cards with the total of 20 or less, not minding if the dealer already has 21.
  • Progressive Blackjack: This adopts the traditional rules but also entertains side bets. A side bet has to do with wagering on being dealt a certain card combination, say four aces.
  • Multi-hand Blackjack: The game play of classic blackjack is maintained here but you can also play several hands at once. Some multi-hand blackjack games even allows you to play up to 5 hands at once.

Blackjack Live Dealer

Do want something more from your online blackjack games, then live dealer blackjack might just be what you need. Top online blackjack sites let you have the authentic casino feel even without leaving your home. They stream their games in HD format from purpose built studios and you get to interact with other players and expert dealers.

Mobile-friendly Blackjack Sites

With mobile casinos nothing should stop you from enjoying online blackjack ever again. Wherever you are, you can access blackjack games via your mobile device and play online blackjack with the same quality as the one on your desktop. You have the option of playing online blackjack via your mobile web browser or an app. The app can be downloaded for free on Android and Apple devices.

Recent Blackjack Casinos

There’s no written rule anywhere that restricts the best online blackjack to established online casinos. As a matter of fact, new casinos are also equipped to be plenty of fun. New blackjack sites are known to have great bonuses as a marketing strategy, which you can take advantage of to enjoy bonus funds.

Enjoy Free Blackjack Games

There is an option for free blackjack games on every UK best online casino. Make use of this free game option if you want to learn about blackjack games, learn more strategies, or just to have fun at no cost. Of course, you wouldn’t be earning any real money from playing online blackjack for free, it’s strictly for those who don’t want any monetary commitment.

Renowned Blackjack Software Developers

The best names in blackjack software development include the following:

Evolution Gaming

If you’re a live dealer blackjack fan, you need to get on board Evolution Gaming. It has a wide range of blackjack games both for high rollers and casual players. Blackjack games like live dealer Salon Privé blackjack is for those who don’t mind living on the edge. Casual players can go for Blackjack Party, a variation with a party-theme or Infinite Blackjack, a low limit blackjack game with no restriction to its number of players.


Some of the popular RNG blackjack games are the works of playtech. One particular variation called Buster Blackjack lets you win via a side bet if the dealer goes bust. Playtech also has an impressive live casino in Latvia from which it streams live dealer games for players to choose from any of its available blackjack tables.


Some of the games that made this software giant popular include Vegas Strip Blackjack and Atlantic City Blackjack. With a comprehensive list of RNG Blackjack variations, Microgaming satisfies all players, regardless of budget.


This is a well known name with regards to blackjack games. This company has various blackjack titles like Perfect Blackjack, Pontoon and Double Exposure Blackjack. Mobile gamers are not left out as all games from NetEnt are mobile device friendly courtesy of NetEnt Touch platform.

Blackjack Bonuses To Look Out For.

Bonuses for blackjack games come in different sizes and shapes but we have handpicked the top offers for you.

Bonus Conditions

Knowing the conditions attached to a casino bonus will tell you whether it’s worth claiming or not. Learn about its wagering requirements, as well as time limits, game restrictions and maximum winning caps.

Zero Deposit

This bonus doesn’t require your initial deposit. By simply signing up you qualify for a little cash award. It can be anything from £5 to £10. With this bonus you can test the blackjack waters without risking your own funds.

Matched Deposit Blackjack Bonus

This returns a certain percentage of your deposit to you. The percentage is totally at the discretion of the online blackjack site and can be from 50% to 200%, but the most common is a 100% match. Another name for this is a welcome bonus.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Blackjack Casino 

Though our list is top notch, you will still have to settle for one online blackjack site. To do this, let the following factors guide you.

Freebies And Bonuses

We have only the blackjack game sites with the most attractive welcome bonuses. Simply compare them and go with your favourite. However, don’t forget to digest its terms and conditions.

Customer Support

Make sure that the site’s customer service is working properly. This is to avoid being left without help when you need solutions to a problem or just in need of answers to some questions.

Games Selection

Go through each site’s game selection to know if it is for you. Our expert reviews are also available if you wish to know the software used by our endorsed UK casinos.


Ensure that a UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) license logo exists on the online blackjack site. This will guarantee your privacy on the site and give you the assurance of fairness as you play online blackjack games on it.

Banking Options

Some popular banking options like pay by phone bill and PayPal are missing on some UK casinos. Read up each site’s available deposit and withdrawal options, as well as its processing time and withdrawal limit. This information will let you know how to go about withdrawing your winnings when the odds favour you.

Play Online Blackjack Now

By now you’re probably excited to begin your journey into the world of online blackjack. Having acquired all the necessary information to aid your journey, select from our list an online blackjack site that you’re comfortable with and be on your way to make some money. Sign up today!